Normie Rowe AM

Since his first record in 1965, Normie Rowe has been etching his mark in Australian society both as an entertainer and a committed Australian.

Normie’s first foray into national public life started with a recording career that set new standards for the Australian recording industry being the first pop-star to receive a gold record, soon following that with another four. This cemented his place in Australian recording history. The teenagers of Australia voted him, “The first King of Popular Music”

Normie followed these recordings with national tours that set audience records in the sixties, filling auditoria normally reserved, at that time, for overseas performers. His performances were electric. During this time he also crashed the UK with hit singles and on national tours with Gene Pitney and The Troggs.

Upon his return Normie was conscripted into the Australian Army and was sent to Vietnam as a combat soldier. During this time he rose to the rank of Corporal/Crew-Commander of his own Armoured Personnel Carrier. His military record was exemplary. In 1970 Normie was demobilised and took up his music career, not quite where he left off. The music scene had changed. And so had he. Somehow life had become so much more important. He realised his career had to be more of a platform to help others, rather than the self-serving vehicle he felt the pop-music industry seemed to be.

Since then, Normie:-

•    Has raised two families.

•    Represented Australia in 2 international song festivals.

•    Has continued recording.

•    Was one of the “Vietnam Veteran’s Welcome Home” organisers.

•    Was one of the “Vietnam Veteran’s National Memorial” organisers.

•    Received the Advance Australia Award. (For services to Vietnam veterans, the Entertainment Industry and the community)

•    Played an extended role in the international hit TV series, Sons & Daughters.

•    Played, with local and international critical and popular acclaim, the lead role of Jean Valjean in the Australian production of Les Miserables.

He also:-

•    Played the lead role on the recording, and in the world premiere concerts of the Australian musical, Cyrano de Bergerac which he helped develop.

•    Continued with his theatre roles which have included Daddy Warbucks in Annie, Freddy Trumper (the American) in Chess, and Juan Peron in Evita.

•    Was made a Member in The Order of Australia. (AM) (For services to Vietnam veterans, the Entertainment Industry and the community)

•    Wrote and produced ‘The Year Santa lost the Spirit of Christmas’ an Ice Pantomime for a cast of two hundred.

•    Has been special guest on almost every major Australian television show, from Don Lane to the Midday Show and Bert Newton’s – Good Morning Australia. And is regularly invited to assist in major premiere events, product launches etc.

Normie is committed to helping people in the community via his association with many charity and community groups, but his major concern is for the welfare of kids. This has lead Normie to become a member of VARIETY CLUBS OF AUSTRALIA (twenty-one years), for which he is now a National Ambassador. He has won several awards for his work with Variety including 1996’s Heart and Soul of Variety

Normie is still a very dynamic performer playing his cabaret/concert shows across the length and breadth of Australia, and bringing his audience of devoted fans to standing ovations wherever he performs.

Even now he is in planning stages for a new album and a theatre production. And you can bet that because of his life’s experiences it will be an eclectic collection of fine material and performances.

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