June 12, 2024
Normie Rowe
Producer: David Laing
Number of discs: 1

The 50th Anniversary Collection

A 30 song soundtrack of Normie’s frenzy filled 1965-68 period. Features all his hits and more – including tracks from his London sessions with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Clem Cattini – remastered and sounding better than ever!

  1. It Ain’t Necessarily So
  2. Gonna Leave This Town
  3. I [who have nothing]
  4. I Just Don’t Understand
  5. Everything’s Alright
  6. Shakin’ All Over
  7. Que Sera, Sera [whatever will be will be]
  8. Tell Him I’m Not Home
  9. I want You Back again
  10. Unchain My Heart
  11. The Breaking Point
  12. Pride and Joy
  13. Every Little Bit Hurts
  14. Sally, Go Round The Roses
  15. Do-Re-Mi
  16. Rat Race
  17. So Much Love
  18. The Stones That I Throw
  19. Subborn Kind Of Fellow
  20. Can I get A witness
  21. You Can’t Stop Loving Me
  22. Ooh La La
  23. Ain’t Nobody Home
  24. It’s Not easy
  25. Mary,Mary
  26. Going Home
  27. Sunshine Secret
  28. But I Know
  29. Penelope
  30. Just To satisfy You

With thanks…

To John Blanchfield, Alan Howe, Ritchie Yorke, Bill Duff, Warren Barnett, Brent James, Gil Matthews, Linda Edwards, Ian McFarlane, Glen A Baker and Normie would also like to acknowledge the late Patrick Aulton for his great contribution overall.

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