Missing In Action

November 4, 2016
Normie Rowe
Producer: Shane Flew
Number of discs: 1

14 tracks relating to Normie’s experiences as a Vietnam war veteran.

  1. Living Underneath The Southern Cross
  2. Smiley
  3. Missing In Action
  4. Twenty Years Ago
  5. Still In Saigon
  6. Scots Of The Riverina
  7. Old Soldiers Die Hard
  8. Wanna Go Home
  9. Sent Here To Die
  10. I Remember The Spirit
  11. It Ain’t Changed None
  12. What’ve Your Done For Australia
  13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Travellin’ Man
  14. Say Goodbye

With thanks…

House of Hits Studios, Manly, NSW, Australia
Engineer: John McConnell
Mastered by: Don Bartley, Studios 301, Sydney NSW Australia
Work experience assistant: Amy Hale
Photography: Dr Denis S Gibbons
Artwork: Jim Watson – Quality Lithographic

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