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The Eighty-Six is an event funded by the Victorian State Government to highlight and support the state’s music industry. The 2023 event focused on venues operating along the 86 route from Westgarth to Reservoir.

Normie & The Playboys perform Shakin’ All Over – Live at RRR: A TRIPLE R TAKEOVER @ The Eighty-Six Festival LISTEN HERE


Honouring Normie Rowe

Melbourne’s new musical festival the Eighty Six revved up the city’s Bonsoy Belt with the strength of a quadruple-shot latte at the weekend — and one act had everyone buzzing.

Still on the Eighty Six — ding! ding! — the festival’s Eighty-Six Festival artistic director Woody McDonald revealed his bittersweet reasons for putting 1968 King Of Pop Normie Rowe on the line-up. Rowe, who grew up in Northcote, and performed in Preston and Thornbury rock venues back in the day, returned to his old stomping ground to play a show at an Eighty Six event

“Normie was one of our first rock and roll stars,” McDonald said. “Now the place where he grew up is the home of Melbourne music. It’s come full circle.” McDonald’s mother, Joan, who passed away last year, also ran Normie’s fan club. “I put Normie on the bill as a homage to her, and a homage to his history in Northcote.” – Herald Sun

Acts included British reggae star Dennis Bovell, Indigenous rapper Briggs, Detroit DJ Theo Parrish, and former Northcote resident turned 1970s pop star Normie Rowe. The marquee event is Super Saturday on October 28, more than 40 curators will take over the bars, nightclubs, bowls clubs, record stores, bocce courts and beyond. Kicking off in the early A.M. and running through to sunrise, Super Saturday is a musical journey through a variety of venues. Whether you are a yiayia, a toddler, a raver or a rocker, Super Saturday is for you – it’s a proud showcase of Melbourne’s multifaceted music scene. – Source

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